The word "Antonym" means a word that is opposite in meaning to another given word. For example, 'Love' is an antonym of 'Hate' and 'Male' is an antonym of 'Female'. Some words can have more than one antonym, depending on the context in which the same word is used. For instance, the word 'Old' could have the antonyms, 'Young' and 'modern'. This means that to get the correct antonym, one has to consider the meaning and the usage of the word. A list of the various antonyms can be found in a thesaurus. While using the antonyms, please make sure that the Antonym words chosen are the correct opposites of that particular word. 


WordHindi MeaningAntonyms
Abandonत्यागनाAdopt, Uphold, Adhere to, Retain with
 Abrupt आकस्मिक Gracious, Smooth, Expected,Gentle
 Abhore घृणा करनाDevotion, Fondness, Passion, Love
 Absurd बेतुकाLogical, reasonable, Sound, Sensible
Abundance प्रचुरताScarcity, Deficiency, Dearth, Lack, Need
Accustomed आदीInexperienced, Special, Rare, Unusual
Acknowledge स्वीकार करनाDisallow, Deny, Contradict, Refuse,Disclaim
Acquisition अर्जनLoss, Dearth
Adhere पालन करना Seperate, Split, Detach, Disjoin
Affrontअपमान करनाConciliate, Mollify
AlarmingचिंताजनकComforting, Hopeful, Auspicious,
AmalgamateमिलानाSplit, Divide, Separate
Apparentस्पष्टHidden, Ambiguous,Obscure
Antiqueप्राचीनModern, Contemporary, New, Fresh
Amiableसौम्यPeevish, Unattractive, Rude, Irritable
Ardentउत्साहीCold, Dull, Sluggish, Apathetic
Assiduousपरिश्रमीLazy, Idle, Indolent
AudaciousसाहसीPolite, Timid, Modest
Auspiciousशुभ , अनुकूल मंगलBaleful, Ominous, Ill-Fated