Blood relations

Blood relation means any relation between two or more persons which acquired bu them by the virtue of their birth.
the relation can be divided into two main categories.
i. Maternal relations- Related to mothers side
ii. Parental relations- Related to father's side

Types of relations

Relation From Parental Side Relation From Maternal Side
Relation  Relation Name Relation  Relation Name
Father's Father  Grandfather Mother's Father maternal grandfather
Father's mother Grandmother Mother's mother Maternal grandmother
Father's brother Uncle Mother's brother Maternal uncle
Father's Sister Aunt Mother's sister Aunt
Children of uncle or Aunt  Cousin Children of maternaluncle or Aunt Cousin
Wife of uncle Aunt Wife of maternal uncle Maternal aunt
Husband of aunt Uncle Husband of maternal aunt Uncle

Other Relations

Relation  Relation Name Relation  Relation Name
Grandfather's or grand mother's son Father or Uncle Daughter's Husband Son-in-law
Grandfather's or grand mother's only son Father Husband's or wife's brother Brother-in-law
Grandfather's or grand mother's daughter Aunt Brother's son Nephew
Mother's or father's son Brother or self Husband's or wife's Mother mother-in-law
Mother's or father's daughter  sister or self(in case girl) Sister's Husband Brother-in-law
Son's wife Daughter-in-law Brother's wife sister-in-law
Husband of wife's sister sister-in-law Son's Son or daughter Grandson or granddaughter
Husband's or wife's father Father-in-law Grandson's or daughter's Son or daughter Greatgrand son or daughter

Types Of Questions

Type 1  Deciphering from Jumbled- up Descriptons

In this type of questions, a person gives information to the another person either about a particular person in a photograph or a person present in front of him. Using this information, it is required to establish relation between a given person in the photograph/the person about which the information is provided.

Example- Pointing to a man, a ladu said "His mother is the only daughter of my mother". How is the lady related to the man.